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As you must see I have had no time to blog - have the morning off so I can take care of myself a bit.....I am doing really well with the food - I am daring to say that food is not an issue anymore - if I can be in all these deep tumultuous feelings ......and not be eating to console myself, or push my feelings down - I think I am healed......

.I just love being told by friends who haven't seen me since I started the process - how beautiful I am - that I look 20 years younger - that I look like one of the campers etc etc......I feel like a teeanager - am enjoying looking at myself in the mirror.....trying on clothes......I feel that I am reclaiming now what I did not have when I was a teenager - I had to hide my beauty then because it was dangerous to be seen......I know it was only in my mind because when I look at pictures , I was stunning but could never allow myself to see it.....

Well now I can see my beauty , even with the wrinkles that are starting to show....and I am loving it.......

sending much love an encouragment to you all - just shows ....never give up - I nearly did last year - decided to accept myself as fat - that's it ....never diet again - I am just plain and simply fat - seems like it did to me what EFT does - accept it and you can make the change.....I ate all I wanted to.....french fries, chocolate - just anything I wanted - put on a ton of weight......and at some stage did blood tests and then got the scare of my life - I was close to being diabetic, cholesteral and tryclycerides in the sky.......I knew I did not want to end my life like my father did - at 70, with no eyesight - years of suffering, his feet cut off etc etc......I guess he was paying for his incestual deeds.....

I took myself in hand, did a lot of EFT, and now the way of healthy eating has become the great new way of life for me.......I am happy, balanced and thin....would like to loose a bit more...but will be pateint and do that after camp - I have no time to exercise so losing is not easy but I have only put on one pound - so good for me!!!!

may you all join me on my path to healthy living......much love to you all

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Comment by Anael Harpaz on August 3, 2010 at 8:30am
what a great picture!!!! miss u
Comment by Dr. Nili Marcia on August 2, 2010 at 1:26pm
Yes, you are gorgeous, dear friend. It's so wonderful to watch you blossom. I know where you used to be and this is a magnificent change!

Comment by Anael Harpaz on August 2, 2010 at 4:19am
Comment by Ilana Wolfson on August 1, 2010 at 6:52pm
Anael, how wonderful your post is. It certainly sound like you have made personal peace with your father and yourself. I am SO happy for you. And your statement "I have no time to exercise so losing is not easy but I have only put on one pound - so good for me" is spot on. I love it!!!


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